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Both Geoff and Kerrie Ford have been honoured by the award of the 'Order of Australia Medal' and were both made Fellows of 'The Australian Institute of History and Art' for their services to the arts, particularly the study of early Australian pottery which they began in 1979, and their publications on 19th and early 20th century Australian Pottery.

Geoff Ford OAM, FAIHA, JP, and Kerrie Ford OAM, FAIHA, are the Owner Directors of the National Museum of Australian Pottery which they established in 1995 in Wodonga, Victoria. They have spent many years collecting, researching, lecturing and curating travelling exhibitions on and preserving 19th and early 20th century Australian pottery and have written thirteen books on the subject.

Geoff is an approved valuer of Australian Pottery for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gift Program and an approved expert examiner for the Australian Government’s Office for the Art’s, for the protection of Movable Cultural Heritage.

In September 2006 after a move from Wodonga, they opened the new and permanent home of the National Museum of Australian Pottery in Holbrook, NSW.

The Museum is always interested in acquiring early Australian pottery pieces from any of the potters listed below, to add to the collection either by gift, bequest or purchase. If you, or someone you know, has a piece and are willing to part with it we would be happy to hear from you. Please bring them to the Museum at 76 Albury Street Holbrook, NSW, phone us (02) 6036 3464 or click contact us to send an email ttp://www.australianpottery.net.au/index.php?page=contact us


About The Building
» This heritage building was built in 1910, by the contractor, Amos Crisp, for A.H. Mackie and Company and was built on the Arcade principal of two stories.
» During June 1911, the new General Store opened its doors to the public as Mackie’s Palace Emporium’.
» Around 1920, A. Miller & Co. purchased the premises and reopened it as a General Store.
» In 1933, Arthur Hamilton Mackie purchased the premises and with his son Gordon Charlton, continued to operate it as a General Store trading as ‘A. H. Mackie & Son’.
» In 1946, the ‘Edwards Tea Co.’, purchased the business and employed Alex Lynch to manage the Store, which continued trading as ‘A. H. Mackie & Son’.
» In 1964 Alex Lynch purchased the premises and with his son John, continued to operate it as a General Store trading as ‘A. H. Mackie & Son’.
» In 2002 John and Jody Whitley purchased the premises and continued to operate it as a Grocery Store trading as Holbrook Fresh Food Market.
» On the 20th August 2004, Geoff and Kerrie Ford purchased the empty building. They built a residence and converted the store into the permanent home of the National Museum of Australian Pottery which was officially opened on the 1st October 2006.


Short Video Stories

Click on this link to see videos of some pieces in collection


Past Short Term Exhibitions

Listen to an ABC radio interview by clicking on the link

Rediscovering Jonathan Leak


Artware to Utility - the story of Modern Ceramic Products


Melrose Art Pottery 1931 – 1942



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Potters in the Museum

A E Lane Cove Brick & Pottery Ramsey, John & Son
Abbott, William & Sons  Eastwood, Benjamin Leak, Jonathan Reliance Pottery Co
Adelaide Pottery Co. Ltd. Ebbw Vale Pottery Works Leiper Bros. Rogers, Richard & Co
Adelaide Potteries Ltd F Lithgow Pottery  Rumble, James
Agnew, David Federal Pottery  Lindop, George S
Albury Pottery  Field, Thomas  London Pottery Works  Sandison, James
Albion Pottery Works Field & Sons Pottery London Pottery Co Shearing, George
B Fischer, George  Longford Pottery  Sherwood Pottery 
Bakewell Brothers Pottery  Fowler, Enoch Longueville Pottery Silcock, James
Baldock, Frederick & Henry  Fowler, Robert M Southern Cross Pottery
Ballarat Pottery Fowler Pottery  Magill Pottery Standard Pottery 
Balmoral Art Pottery G Marks, George Stone, Charles 
Beechworth Pottery Co Gare, Jack Marrickville Pottery Stone, Roy
Bendigo Pottery Gillbrook Pottery Mashman & Sandison  Steinkrus, August
Bennett’s Pottery Gilson, James Mashman Brothers   Surry Hills Pottery
Bognuda & Sons  Gilson & Rumble McHugh, John Sydenham Pottery Co
Brazier, John Goodlet & Smith Meredith, Edwin Sydney Pottery Works
Breakfast Creek Pottery  Goulbourn Street Pottery Mills, John & Co T
Brough, James Guthrie, George Duncan Moreton, Anson Tibbs, Charles
Bristol Pottery H Moreton, John Trentham Pottery
Brownfield’s Pottery Hambleton, Richard Moreton & Sons Pottery  Trewenack, John 
Bundamba Pottery Hall & Silcock  N Turton, James & Sons 
Burwood Pottery Hart & Gallagher  Newcastle Pottery  Turton & Plumridge Pottery
C Hillcoat, Anthony  Nolan, Luke V
Campbell, James & Sons Pottery Hindmarsh Pottery  Northcote Pottery Victorian Art Pottery 
Campbell’s Pottery Hoffman Potteries O W
Camperdown Pottery Holford, Thomas  Ovens Pottery  Walker Benson Ltd
Capel Pottery Works  Holford, William P Waratah Pottery
Castlemaine Pottery Horsham Pottery  Phoenix Pottery  Waterloo Firebrick Co
Clyde Pottery Humes Ltd.  Piercy, Frederick Waterloo Thornton
Conlon, Michael & Co Huon Pottery  Piercy, William Welham, Nathan 
Coorparoo Pottery   I Pioneer Pottery  Wilkes, Thomas
Cornwell, Alfred Industrial Brick Co Pitman & Piercy Pottery Wilson & Ridge Pottery 
Cornwell’s Pottery  Irrawang Pottery  Plumridge, James & Co Wunderlich Limited 
Courtland, Richard J Port Arthur Pottery Y
Courtland & Pederson James, Abraham Premier Pottery  Yarraville Pottery
D K Price, James Yeates, Henry
Dahlke’s Filter & Pottery Co King, James  Q  
Dawes, Alfred & Co Kosters Premier Pottery  Queensland Pottery  
Dinmore Brick & Tile Co L R  
Dinmore Pottery Lal Lal Pottery Ramsey, Jock  

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